Top 5 Trivia Games for Android phones

Below is top 5 games list you will enjoy playing with your android device. Before starting I want to share a really new game making people crazy playing all the day. The game is called Pixduel – You can challenge your friends or other people with a pop culture picture trivia game! You can find all Pixduel answers here even though my recommendation is to play a fair game.

jeopardy-android5. Starting off our countdown, we have Jeopardy! the classic TV game-show you know and love is now available for android. Featuring fully customizable avatars and a variety of game modes, such as the quick-fire single player and pass-and-play multiplayer, you can be sure to have your brain tested! Feel like you’re part of the TV show with a selection of topics and a variety of general knowledge questions to answer. You are assured a great game-play experience with content from the show’s writers themselves! However the changing of the game mode to multiple choice instead of the tricky ‘answer with a question’ as seen on TV, plus the $1.99 price tag, puts this game at our number five spot.

logos-quiz-answers4. Next up is the iconic Logo Quiz game! With logo quiz games gaining popularity in recent times, this free version for android comes out on top. As you probably guessed from the title, the game-play has you guessing the titles of logos, with them often missing words or key details, and with thirty levels to play and over a thousand logos to guess, this app will certainly keep you busy. This lands our number four spot as the Logo Quiz can get repetitive and quite often the hints are sparse, leaving you frustrated.

MoviePop3. Coming in at number three is MoviePop, a free film trivia game for android. Players battle head to head to guess the iconic movie, actor or directer from a variety of clips and photos. Some of the pros of this game include the vast variety of quizzes in a number of different genres such as action, comedy or sci-fi. You earn points, through beating your friends (or even by challenging a movie buff!), which you can use to purchase other playlists of different questions. And best of all, this app is free!

TriviaCrack2. Narrowly missing out on our top spot comes the extremely popular Trivia Crack. Featuring original and new game-play, this app appeals to the whole family, with a colorful interface and fun characters to acquire. Players can play Facebook friends or challenge an opponent from elsewhere in the world, to spin the wheel and answer questions on Sports, Arts, Entertainment, Geography, History or Science. Be the first to answer one question of each category, gain all six characters, and win the game, or deal out some fun power ups, or even steal your other opponents’ newly-won characters! With over almost 100,000 questions and endlessly fun game play, you can be sure to have great fun playing this unique trivia game.

QuizUp1. Finally, taking our number one place, is the iconic award-winning trivia game QuizUp. This classic game sets its self apart from the rest with the vast array of questions available and the detailed statistics and points system that keeps you playing. On this app, you can find a diverse range of players from around the globe, or battle your friends to prove your skills with general knowledge. Choose from 14 categories ranging from movies to science (not to mention numerous sub-categories) and with over 400,000 questions, you won’t be bored in a hurry! Taking into account the smooth game-play, layout and social features that enables you to chat to friends, this brilliantly designed free game is a must have android app for trivia lovers.

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