About Me

My friends call me Gina, you too can. First things first. You might be excited to know that I am an avid mobile phone player who eats and sleeps when my battery drains out. I recharge myself when the mobile gets recharged. It is quite funny, even for myself, to see me that way. I have been playing games ever since I was introduced to my dad’s mobile when I was just a little girl. I also enjoy traveling around the countrysides for a change. Enjoying the dew fall off the grass is one thing I would love to do every morning in my garden. Yes, I wake up quite early. Usually dedicated to writing and blog posting, my mornings are always pleasant. As a rule of the thumb, I will always write about anything that interests me, especially related with mobile gaming. I own a Samsung galaxy s6 which has a lot of options for new games. I must admit, I keep checking for new updates on my existing games as well.

I have a degree from Arts and I currently do not monetize my degree at any level. Well, I might in future, but nothing in the near future! Being a stay at home mom of a small lovely baby girl, I enjoy playing latest games with my little girl too. I’m glad that she enjoys games as much as I do even though she is just a baby. I sometimes wish that dear hubby was as passionate as I am when it came to games. He doesn’t really care! Honestly, neither do I. We have our weekends together. He is usually occupied and buries his face to the laptop doing some crazy work presentations. If he doesn’t then he would be watching something on the TV, flipping television channels. Well, yes, we are poles apart, but somehow the fire still burns. Well, you can guess my age, I would be happy to agree that I am in the late 20s.

Well, I enjoy most endless running games including Temple Run and Subway Surfer. I love collecting as many coins as possible. I am a global top scorer in Candy Crush Saga. Most games seem to be a variation of some game I had played in my early childhood days. What I can’t handle are those cheap games that post a number of silly ads and send free malware and Trojans to my mobile. I usually report them back at the play store. I will give a detailed note on how to not fall prey to these junk games on the site. If you are finding it difficult to choose what type of games to play, my blog will be a treasure box for you!

You can always feel free to ask me any game. I will also fill out your head with the number of games and the true spot on reviews for them from the depth of my heart. Well, you can call them honest reviews. However, I am open if you happen to disagree with anything I say. Please follow decorum and post compassionately in my space. If I am not pleased or feel anybody would be hurt, your comments will be removed immediately. Please ask me if you want to publish any part of my site. I can give you a fresh guest post, but copying cannot be tolerated at all.