Top 5 Trivia Games for Android phones

Below is top 5 games list you will enjoy playing with your android device. Before starting I want to share a really new game making people crazy playing all the day. The game is called Pixduel – You can challenge your friends or other people with a pop culture picture trivia game! You can find all Pixduel answers here even though my recommendation is to play a fair game.

jeopardy-android5. Starting off our countdown, we have Jeopardy! the classic TV game-show you know and love is now available for android. Featuring fully customizable avatars and a variety of game modes, such as the quick-fire single player and pass-and-play multiplayer, you can be sure to have your brain tested! Feel like you’re part of the TV show with a selection of topics and a variety of general knowledge questions to answer. You are assured a great game-play experience with content from the show’s writers themselves! However the changing of the game mode to multiple choice instead of the tricky ‘answer with a question’ as seen on TV, plus the $1.99 price tag, puts this game at our number five spot.

logos-quiz-answers4. Next up is the iconic Logo Quiz game! With logo quiz games gaining popularity in recent times, this free version for android comes out on top. As you probably guessed from the title, the game-play has you guessing the titles of logos, with them often missing words or key details, and with thirty levels to play and over a thousand logos to guess, this app will certainly keep you busy. This lands our number four spot as the Logo Quiz can get repetitive and quite often the hints are sparse, leaving you frustrated.

MoviePop3. Coming in at number three is MoviePop, a free film trivia game for android. Players battle head to head to guess the iconic movie, actor or directer from a variety of clips and photos. Some of the pros of this game include the vast variety of quizzes in a number of different genres such as action, comedy or sci-fi. You earn points, through beating your friends (or even by challenging a movie buff!), which you can use to purchase other playlists of different questions. And best of all, this app is free!

TriviaCrack2. Narrowly missing out on our top spot comes the extremely popular Trivia Crack. Featuring original and new game-play, this app appeals to the whole family, with a colorful interface and fun characters to acquire. Players can play Facebook friends or challenge an opponent from elsewhere in the world, to spin the wheel and answer questions on Sports, Arts, Entertainment, Geography, History or Science. Be the first to answer one question of each category, gain all six characters, and win the game, or deal out some fun power ups, or even steal your other opponents’ newly-won characters! With over almost 100,000 questions and endlessly fun game play, you can be sure to have great fun playing this unique trivia game.

QuizUp1. Finally, taking our number one place, is the iconic award-winning trivia game QuizUp. This classic game sets its self apart from the rest with the vast array of questions available and the detailed statistics and points system that keeps you playing. On this app, you can find a diverse range of players from around the globe, or battle your friends to prove your skills with general knowledge. Choose from 14 categories ranging from movies to science (not to mention numerous sub-categories) and with over 400,000 questions, you won’t be bored in a hurry! Taking into account the smooth game-play, layout and social features that enables you to chat to friends, this brilliantly designed free game is a must have android app for trivia lovers.

4 Pics 1 World Related

4pics1word4 Pics 1 World is a game that has been developed by a German called Lotum. Currently, it is available as a free download. It also carries additional in-app purchases of in-game currency. Generally, it is a very simple game and unlike other games it explains everything to the player. This means that whether you are a veteran or newbie the game suits you all. During the game, the players are given 4 quality photographs. These photographs can be tapped on to see a larger version of the same. To ease the game, the players are asked the number of letters that are found in the word question.

How it works

After players have been asked about the number of letters found in word question. They are given a selection that they can use to spell the letter. They may connect through Facebook, post the image and the letters on their wall or timeline and then wait for any friend to come to their rescue. There is no number of times that the players are allowed to do this since through it 4 pics one world is getting viral promotion.

Secondly, players can purchase a bomb using the in-game currency. This bomb item will delete a single letter or remove several incorrect letters from the board. Remember, the player does not have enough currency at this stage. This is a very good reason for the player to go into the direction of the in-App purchases facility although you can earn coins through the normal play. If you pause for more than 10 minutes you will make the bomb to start bouncing up and down every few seconds. If the sound is turned on it makes an obnoxious deep sound.

Essentially, that is all that is required in 4 pics one world where it is very hard for you to fail. For instance, if the player has entered an incorrect number he will be allowed to try again without any penalty being meted on him. More so, there will be no social features beyond the stability to ask for assistance in the media. Since the game does not have a real competitive elements, it is reduced to just a mere time-waster to fill the quiet moments. This game has proven to be an idle time-waster though. Despite being a simple game, it is on top of both iPhone and Apps charts. However, for androids it is sitting at number three in the charts.

As you play, you are rewarded by being given some coins for getting the correct word. As you play you can also trade these for hints in playing the game. You only need to tap the relevant buttons and you are good to go. While playing you have two options, the first one involves the coins and you are given 60 coins. This will give you one correct answer in the word that you are putting across. The second option that will cost you 90 coins will delete some of the letters that are not correct. This will now help you to narrow down on what could be the correct answer. However, as compared to other options they are considered expensive since the coins are earned rather slowly. Fortunately, there is also another option to buy more coins. This is where the developers hope to earn something substantial.


  • It is easy to play and easy to get stuck into
  • The simple things in it can sometimes be a great challenge
  • The game is very popular as you are starting it some of your friends might already be playing it
  • Challenging at times and easy at times


  • Does not seem to have many puzzles as it should have
  • It does not have enough levels
  • You need to have a Facebook account for you to play the game.

Other games related to 4 pics one world

  1. whats-the-wordWhat’s the Word?-Let’s Guess Pics

This game was updated in March, 08, 2013. The game offers 4 pictures and asks the players to guess. If you complete the two tasks you will be awarded 2 coins. If you meet more problems you will be awarded with as many coins as possible for you can cost them later. This is a friendly simple word game that will give you a lot of entertainment. In this game, four pictures form a puzzle. You are then required to look at them and think the word that they have in common.


  • The game brings a new twist to the word game
  • The app is great


  • It can easily crash
  1. pictowordPictoword: 2 Pics, What’s the 1 Word?

The game was updated on March 03 2013 by a company called Kooapp. It is different from other games. The players are offered 2 pictures to carefully check and guess by word. The game is very interesting since you are required to find the picture combination. This is a simple but a very addictive game. You simply study the pictures and read them to create a word. If you are stuck you can try pronouncing the word aloud. Above all, it is reliable, satisfying and fun to play.


  • The game is fun to play
  • It is a great brain teaser
  • You will get free coins forever 5 stars
  • The game is easy to download


  • The game may start in little boring but picks up later
  • As compared to other games it is very difficult to understand the pictures
  • The game is very simple. It should be more challenging
  1. picanswersPhoto Quiz: 4 pics, 1 thing in common-What’s the word

Updated in March 06 2013, in this game you will see four different images and find something that connects them together. This method is almost similar to 4 pics 1 word game. It is simple and 100% free. If you complete a task you will also be awarded coins and points. More so, you will be given costing coins to get hints in case you are stuck.


  • This game is completely free
  • Playing the game is very simple and stylish. You only need to look at the photos and spell your answers by clicking on the letters that you want to use
  • You can easily get hint coins especially if you are stuck with the coins. You can later buy more hints that you will use to play the game.
  • The game has many different categories


  • Some customers are claiming that the game has only one level


Overall, this game does not offer much that is different from its competitors. Although the user interface is simple it has a properly functioning application. If you are looking for brand new game, then this game is one of the best. Despite some of the flaws that can be seen in the game, 4 Pics 1 word is still a very addictive game. The process of identifying the common factor between the images can really tease your brain. Moreover, solving a hard one by yourself is very much rewarding. However, there are several times that you will look like an idiot once you finally uncover the solution. The way you can look for friends to come and help you is very much cool. You can find answers from too many websites out there, and almost every game has a answers website like guess the emoji game. As a matter of fact, if you are on Facebook you should give it a try.

Top iOS Games for Maximum Entertainment

Pack Goat Jump

Goats are normal jumpers and are utilized as pack creatures as a part of numerous backcountry trips. You can take your pack goat on a hopping experience with the new pack Goat Jump amusement. Add jetpack fuel to make them fly and include weapons so shoot down adversaries, for example, the wolf, the cougar, and the troll


The catastrophe has at long last turned into a reality on your cell phone or tablet. The TheEndApp has gamers running like damnation through a world that has been torn to shreds. Guarantee you get those coins while you are maintaining a strategic distance from unsafe flames.

Ski Safari

Ski Safari places you in the snow as you continue conveying ass from an immense torrential slide. The Christmas topic of this amusement makes this cell phone limitless runner a great deal more receptive for those more current gatherings of people.

Sonic Dash

SEGA’s blue mascots were set and prepared a round of this bore. Sonic Dash amusement showcases the shocking landscapes and ring gathering that Sonic’s diversions have dependably been watched for. This interminable/boundless runner let Sonic does what he excels at – to run and run quick.

Doodle Jump

A legendary fantastic, this is one of the smash hit iPhone amusements ever. It is anything but difficult to get and play, however verging on difficult to put down. Tilt your cell phone left and right to direct your springy small bouncing pal ever more elevated. Watch out for diverse sorts of platforms with different impacts, clear out adversaries, maintain a strategic distance from dark gaps and see a running high-score table along the edge of the portable screen so you can challenge over the world.

Snare Champ

There’s no shortage of “swinging” amusements on the iPhone (and I’m not discussing easygoing sex with different accomplices, that is terrible). At their core, they are simple – run and swing on a rope to avoid foes and achieve an objective. The most flawlessly awesome of the pack is Hook Champ, a title by Redcat Games that takes the core swinging technician and executes it consummately, then including RPG-like components and dated visuals to make a sweet bundle that will keep you snared for quite a while.
Present day Combat or Black Pegasus

This is a fabulous first individual shooter that takes the player to an astounding amusement play experience. Its predecessor, ‘Current Combat: Sandstorm’ will be totally forgotten in the wake of playing this superb FPS. It has an online multiplayer mode that makes everything considerably more energizing.

Doodle Jump

It is one of iPhone’s successes and everyone appears to cherish this one. The fundamental reason is that the diversion is so amusing and so basic. All things considered, you just need to continue bouncing upwards to pick up a higher score. Its designer, Lima Sky has unquestionably won a great deal from this one.

Plants vs Zombies

I’ve incorporated this in our Top 10 as Halloween was only a couple of weeks prior and individuals everywhere throughout the world have played this one a ton recently. It is said this is a standout amongst the most addictive iPhone diversions. The reason is the straightforwardness of the situation. The client just needs to shoot a pack of zombies that assault his plants. I don’t discover the situation exceptionally innovative, yet individuals from everywhere throughout the world love this.

Genuine Racing

Essentially adore this diversion as it is realistic to the point that I now and again forget I’m playing it on an iPhone and not on a PlayStation. The casing rate is incredible, and also the pace. You can really utilize the iPhone’s accelerometer to control your auto, so it’s more than magnificent. This is an extraordinary iPhone diversion!


The well known Worms recreations has made it to the App Store. It permits up to 4 players and there are such a variety of methods for keeping you entertained. You can redo your group pretty much as you need and it will keep you occupied for quite a while, as it is truly difficult to forget about it.

Advantages of games


These are quick paced and may contain a lot of savagery because of this. Activity diversions are generally unseemly for youngsters.

Enterprise and Role Playing

These are normally not as realistic as move recreations and can make the player into surrealism and dream. In spite of the fact that experience and pretending recreations frequently contain viciousness, it is not observed to be as extraordinary as the brutality in real life diversions. Cases of this category are Borderlands 2, Final Fantasy, Legend of Mana and Billy Hatcher.

To begin with Person Shooters

As the name infers, it is a diversion in which the player sees the activity through the eyes of the character he is speaking to and includes the utilization of guns or rifles to murder the foe. Because of the savagery included in this classification of amusements, they are not suitable for youthful kids. Cases of these amusements are “Half-Life, “Half-Life 2”, “Obligation at hand: Modern Warfare” and so on.

Development and Management Simulation (CMS)

As the name recommends, in the diversions fitting in with this class, the players are relied upon to assemble, expand and oversee fanciful tasks and groups with almost no assets. Cases of this kind incorporate, “SimCity” and “Harvest Moon”.


Here the accent is on system as opposed to on roughness and these amusements are slower which gives the player time for vital considering, asset administration and wanting to accomplish victory. Most are fighting based and so viciousness is not totally missing. These amusements are not suitable for kids. A few cases are Advanced Wars I and II, Civilization V and Crusader Kings II.


These are video or PC recreations that reproduce true circumstances under diversion settings. In this category, the three surely understood diversions are Racing Simulators, Flight Simulators and Sims. There are bunches of diversions in this class to stimulate kids. A few cases of recreation amusements are: Football Manager, Farming Simulator 2013, The Sims and Evil Genius.


The Platform Game or Platformer is comprises of bouncing between suspended platforms of shifting statures or impediments and now and then both to push ahead in the amusement. A few illustrations of Platformer are 40 Winks, Abuse, Action 52 and Adventure Island.